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What my clients think......

"Just got back from Florida! Came to Sal with severe flying phobia. Usually i need Diazepam but this year there was absolutley no need. Dissapointed i didnt try this earlier."

"I left Sally every week feeling completely on track. Never realised how much just talking can help with weight problems. 4 stone down! 2 more to go on my own and I really do not feel starved"

"I have never felt so relaxed. Drastically improved my anxiety"

"The hypnotherapy session with Sally has left me with a sense of bliss for days... Her voice is like a voice of an Angel. She guided me to the most relaxed place in my mind that was so personal to me .. Sally is an extraordinary therapist, whether you want to work on deep rooted issues or just experience a level of relaxation that impossible to describe (so good !)."

“I approached Sally with an embarrassing anger issue. My problem was that I often over reacted to specific casual mildly insulting statements. This was starting to impact on my work and home life so needed sorting …fast. Sally was very professional and explained clinical hypnosis was nothing like the stage acts I had seen and soon put me at ease. I left the first hypnotherapy session a different person and 2 more sessions later it’s turned my life around. Sally is friendly professional and effective”

 “I came to Sally for smoking cessation and was worried it wouldn’t work. I haven’t had a cigarette in 46 days and I don’t even have the craving. Sally was so understanding and gave me some really good advice that I have put into action. All I can say is onwards and upwards. I’m still amazed at the results of hypnotherapy and would 100% recommend it to anybody especially with Sally”

"I approached Sally for some hypnotherapy around my childhood issues and weight loss. Sally soon realised that both my issues were connected around my childhood. She was professional and warm throughout our sessions and gave me tips and strategies to help myself. I would recommend Sally very highly"

"My hypnotherapy sessions with Sally were very effective - she has a wonderful calm approach, full of empathy and wisdom. Thank you Sally."

"I came to sally for guidance in my career. I was leaving my school and wasn't sure if I wanted to go to college or work or start an apprenticeship. Sally helped me get onto the right path and I started an apprenticeship in September training to be an electrician. I am really enjoying it so far and now have many goal for the future"

"  I did a virtual gastric band with Sally and the results are just fabulous. I have changed my

eating for the long term and I wouldn't class it as being on a diet. I get full so quick now which is brill considering the amount I would usually eat. Sally encouraged me to buy a new item of clothing as motivation so I got a dress for my Christmas ball this year which is now too big 8 weeks later. Not only have I changed my eating habits I have lot more than the amount I planned. I have gone from a size 14 to a 10-12 depending on where I shop. Dont get me wrong there were times where I really just wanted to pig out but sally gave me tips on how to deal with my cravings which worked really well. I would recommend hypnotherapy to anyone going off my experience and have already recommended 3 friends to sally and again they have all already made massive changes. I really cant thank you enough! Thank you thank you THANK YOU! xx"


“I came to sally for some help with my career. I was working in a dead end job with no chance of promotion. I really didn’t know what type of work I wanted to go into. Sally asked me a variety of questions, we discussed my ideal salary, what my skills and qualities were, what I enjoyed doing, what kind of hours I would be willing to do. We discussed courses that may be worth doing to get me where I needed to be. Sally has played a massive part in my career today so thank you”

“I went through a really bad break up and it was seriously affecting my life. Sally gave me the kick I needed and put a lot into perspective for me. Sally has given me my confidence back

which I lost a few months back. Sally was really sympathetic and got me to open up about

things I have never really discussed. It was nice to just get it out of my system and feel like I

had a friend to talk to. I am back to my old self now and I have just started dating again.

Thanks Sal for just giving that confidence boost and being there for me.”


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