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Hypnotise Me Skinny

Hypnotherapy can also be used for safe weight loss and the best thing is, as you are changing your mind set it doesn’t feel like a diet. Everybody has their own reasons as to why they over eat and I will work on those reasons with you.

In hypnosis we can train your mind into believing you have had a gastric band fitted, shrinking your stomach to the size of a small golf ball. This is to help with portion control and so that you feel full and satisfied with your meals. You will be asked to start eating your meals on side plates rather than your normal sized dinner plate. You’d be surprised how satisfied you can be of 3 small plates of food a day. I will also provide you with a few hints and tips to help you on your journey.

We will be exploring the reasons why you over eat so that we can begin to change your way of thinking. This also gives you the chance to get further help with any underlying issues. I want you to feel good about yourself in all areas of your life, not just with weight. Imagine being the size you wanted but still having low self-esteem. It’s not a healthy balance. What is it you are lacking in your life which is making you comfort eat? This is something we would explore in hypnosis. You may even find something from your childhood has played a part in comfort eating.

Kill the cravings! We will doing aversion techniques on the food you love the most. This means putting you off the food you love. Seeing the food you love as something you would NOT want to eat. Can be a little disgusting but trust me it helps.

Hypnotise Me Skinny is done in 6 sessions. The first 4 sessions will take place weekly, the 5th session will be 2 weeks later and your final session will be 3 weeks later. The gaps are so that you get the chance to test yourself. If anything comes up and you think you could do with a little extra work in that area, we can add it to the final session so that you are getting the most out of it.

For more information feel free to give me a call or drop me a text on 07800571280.


£60 per session or pay £300 upfront (£60 discount).